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Wojciech Zinka - zdjęcie If you are looking for a good interpreter (Polish < > English) for your next workshop, then read on carefully.

I started learning English at the age of 6. Later I studied in Oxford, United Kingdom, for a few months. I also worked as a front desk clerk in a hotel in Los Angeles, USA, during holidays. Today I speak English fluently. I often translate or listen to English.

Personal growth and healing are my true passions. I read tens of books about healing. I went to many workshops. I completed a 4 years long training in psychotherapy in Bioenergetic Analysis (I have also been translating individual sessions and workshops in Bioenergetic Analysis for a long time).

I charge 10 to 15 EURO per hour depending on the current exchange rate and the type of the workshop itself. Additionally I charge an additional fee (per workshop, no matter how many hours) to pay for the travel, etc. The additional fee depends on the location of the workshop (in Poland it is usually about 50 EURO).

I know it is not easy to find a good interpreter. You have just found one. Email or call me to learn more. Click contact.